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Senior and Manager of Special Projects

Would you like to work on exciting projects, make more money, have multiple promotion tracks, add more value to clients, work for a growing company, and have fun doing it?

My client does Special Projects for Fortune 1,000 companies. The special projects range from Transaction Support, SEC Reporting, IFRS, System Implementations, Operations Migration, and more.

In this role you are adding value for the client, helping them to achieve strategic objectives, and not doing compliance. Because you are there to help them, the relationship is deeper, more enjoyable, and it’s rewarding to professionals who want to contribute and make a difference. It’s great because you are on the same team as the client, and working toward the same goal. It’s now collaborative and synergistic. The model works so well that our client has grown an average of 25% annually over the past 10 years.

Here is what they offer:

  • Best compensation plan! They make really good offers and I have never had an offer turned down due to salary. Average bonus is 30% on top of a good base salary.
  • Exciting projects where you are working in the business and helping to make it better.
  • Great experience working on challenging and exciting projects. This type of experience gives you a lot of options not found in public or private.
  • Great promotion track! You’ll have 4 different promotion tracks available to you:
    • Business Development ($200k to 350k position after 3 years).
    • Manager or Director of Operations (several of these positions in each office).
    • Rapid Promotion Track as a Consultant, and similar to the promotion pace in public accounting but no busy season.
    • Clients Track –The experience you gain doing project work for clients makes you extremely valuable. Clients will approach you about working for them in a variety of roles ranging from business operations, finance, reporting, and more. You’ll see opportunities that you never knew existed. Clients are allowed to hire the consultants and it’s stated in the client terms and conditions. Contact me to learn more.
  • No Busy Season.
  • You pick how much travel you want to do and you can adjust this annually.
  • If you are open to travel, there is a 25% bonus for professionals who travel 50%. Even professionals who only travel 10% get a 5% bonus based on travel alone.
  • Revenue-based bonuses.
  • Paid Overtime.
  • Specific projects pay a $2,000 monthly bonus.
  • You design your career. You decide how much travel you do and you pick projects that interest you most.


  • If you are coming directly from a CPA firm, they require 2 busy seasons as a full-time employee, experience in External Audit, and experience working as a Senior. They hire professionals from public accounting with up to 8 years of experience.
  • If you have a public/private background, they require 2 or 3 busy seasons of External Audit with a public accounting firm, and 1 to 8 years working in a Reporting or Audit Function. It’s preferred that your work experience in private industry be with a Fortune 1,000 or publicly traded company.

Locations with hiring needs:

Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, Short Hills, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Stamford, Washington DC, and Wilmington. Open to 100% travel? Road Warriors Welcome!

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