Design the Career of Your Dreams

The below videos will help you design a career you’ll love and they will let you know when it’s the right time to leave public accounting based on your goals and nobody elses. Learn the facts so you know when to leave, what roles will serve you best, and get the career you deserve.

The Facts

Buckland Group Introduction Introduction linkedin-20

Buckland Group Top 3 Failures for Big 4 CPAs Video Top 3 Failures of Big 4

Buckland Group I Hate Audit/Accounting Video I Hate Audit/Accounting

Buckland Group Options After Big 4 (1 to 4 years) Video Options After Big 4 (1 to 4 yrs) Microsoft Office Excel

Buckland Group Options After Big 4 (5 years plus) Video Options After Big 4 (5 yrs +)

Buckland Group Best Return for Big 4 Video Best Return for Big 4Microsoft-Word-20

Be Prepared

Buckland Group Resume Video Resume Resume

Buckland Group Not Looking Video  Not Looking

Buckland Group Interview Preparation Video Interview PreparationMicrosoft-Word-20

Buckland Group Salary Video SalaryMicrosoft Office Excel

Buckland Group Counter Offer Video Counter OfferMicrosoft-Word-20

Buckland Group Summary Video Summary

Big 4 Facts